Best Natural Stress Relief | Tranquility Labs | - Tranquility Labs provides many different methods and treatments in order to lower stress levels naturally with no prescription medications.

  • Alivio Natural de la Ansiedad | TRANQUILENE - Tranquilene es un suplemento contra la ansiedad a base de hierbas totalmente natural con ingredientes que han sido clínicamente probados para aliviar rápidamente la ansiedad y mejorar el estado de ánimo tranquilo con el tiempo.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | How it Works - Tranquilene works to quickly suppress stress and nervousness while at the same time supporting the serotonin and GABA that provide an everyday total calm.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | All-Natural Formula - The Tranquilene formula combines scientific and herbal ingredients to fight stress.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Supplement Facts - Tranquilene is the only calming supplement that combines 14 key ingredients including B Complex, Tryptophan, GABA and Passion Flower.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Clinical Studies - The ingredients in Tranquilene are clinically proven to reduce stress and panic quickly and get stronger with time.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Sleep Fast Nighttime Spray - Sleep Fast is a natural, oral spray with melatonin and herbal ingredients to help you fall asleep faster and stay asleep peacefully.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Is Tranquilene for me? - Learn if you exhibit the symptoms that make you a good candidate for Tranquilene Total Calm
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Terms and Conditions of Sale - No other natural anxiety remedies contain all 14 ingredients in Tranquilene’s unique formula.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | Safety Information - Tranquilene’s dosage and directions as well as a list of possible side effects.
  • TRANQUILENE™ | About Us - Tranquilene is a registered trademark of Tranquility Labs LLC. Tranquility Labs provides premium products for peace of mind.
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  • StewartFan - Worth Every Penny!

    At first glance, the attachment can feel a bit overwhelming but if you follow the instructions sent via the quick start guide (I wish they would include this within the package) it was actually quite easy to use and clean. As a DIY'er and not a professional contractor I found it worth the additional expense over a standard hole cutter because that catch can saved me a HUGE mess. With the easy of use and lack of a mess afterwards, I decided to add recessed lighting all over the house and thus far I have cut 4" and 5" holes with ease. After about 20 holes throughout my entire house (4" in the bathrooms, 5" in the kitchen/hallway), it still cuts as smooth as the first hole I ever put in the ceiling and still shines like a new penny!

  • Brown - Problematic

    I bought the software after getting back to back blue screens of death an a 1 year old $1,500 PC using quickbooks pro 2009... The first time was terrible cause we discovered the autoback up stopped working 2 months prior.

  • Doone 22 - Love Goes All Wrong With My NuWave

    I am only rating this so low based upon the overall construction and the lack of response from customer service for a recent issue.

  • John - Felt more calm at work on the computer even with constant distractions.

    I experienced the effects of "Earthing" first hand when I was at a naturopathic doctors conference. I had broken my arm and it hurt pretty bad. I took a thermal image of my arm to see my blood flow in the area and it didnt look so good. I then wore an earthing blanket wrapped around me for about 30 minutes. I then went back to the booth with the thermal image camera and saw a major improvment on the thermal image as well as the pain was less in my arm due to the earthing that had helped my body to heal.

  • Seema Saiyed - The ratings are fake

    It doesn't work, people give it high ratings because the company offers to send you free diet pills after you use it in exchange for a five star rating, I was very disappointed because I could've spent the time and money on a product that actually works but was mislead by fake ratings.

  • Kelly - I can't seem to turn off the two lights at ...

    I can't seem to turn off the two lights at the top no matter what I do. This one is coming back to you.

  • Margaret L. Radtke - important book.

    Before I read this book, I knew just the basics of oil-pulling. Bruce Fife clearly explains the importance of this practice. My allergies have improved and my teeth are whiter since I started using coconut oil. I like that the book also includes recipes for toothpaste and healthy concoctions for daily use. If concerned about your overall well-being, I highly recommend this book.