William L. Jorgensen Research Group - Welcome to the Jorgensen Lab - Studies of organic reactions in solution and in enzymes using Monte Carlo and semiempirical QM/MM simulations. (Yale University)

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  • taya - Makes things a bit easier

    Like many have said, you can look up all these stats on your own, however, it is great to have all those stats neatly organized, making it easier to pull things up.

  • J.M.M. - Smaller than Im accustomed to, but still great.

    I bought this mouse pad for one reason, and one reason alone; the bizarre artwork. I didn't need a new mouse pad, my old steel series is still in pretty good shape, but they drew me in with a print of a Napoleon Imperial Stormtrooper riding into combat on horseback.

  • Mairib216 - Love This Stuff

    I received a coupon, used it once and ran out and bought it. Now this is the only conditioner I use.

  • Nick - Definitely worked for me.

    I'm 26 now and have been slowly shedding my hair ever since I was about 20. I knew one day I would have to do something about it but just kept putting it off until the last couple years it really started escalating. I tried rogain foam for a few months and didn't notice a difference in the hair loss. I then switched over to rogain extra strength which turned out to be the biggest mistake possible. I was easily losing 300-400 hairs a day on that stuff. I could just pinch with my finger and thumb and have at least 15 hairs come out with it!

  • Marcus Carroll - Extensive

    Excellent source for beginner thru expert Access database users. You'll probably never use all of the reference material enclosed, but it's there just the same. Gave it 4 stars because, even though I was an applications programmer for 15 years, some sophisticated areas were not explained so that I could understand them. I would recommend this book to any serious Access user.

  • alicia eastwppd - Try before you buy ...or buyer beware

    I tried Nerium for 3 days. I have 2 friends who are brand partners, one of whom earned a Lexus. They really love it and they both look great. The product I was using and liked was discontinued so I decided to try it. "I have sensitive skin. I have a hard time finding products", I warned. "It's all natural, hypoallergenic etc. You have nothing to worry about", I was assured. "No one I know has had a reaction to it", I was told. 1st night, felt tingling. Called my friend the next day and told her. She told me that was normal. The next night - burning. Next morning - rash. Called and told her. Her response, "It must be something else, what else are you using?" Answer, "Nothing!" I don't wear make up. I was not using any other moisturizer. I wash my face with Neutrogena. Which I haven't reacted too. Tried it one more night, thought maybe I just had to get used to it. Itching woke me up, washed my face, haven't used it since. Saw my friend the next day and she had to admit I wasn't exaggerating. At least I wasn't the only one with a red face ;). She felt really bad and now warns people if they have sensitive skin to proceed with caution, but she still sells it and believes in it. So Nerium wasn't for me and I have no hard feelings. I only wrote because of all the reviews/replies I've read that are telling people who wrote that they have reactions/rashes that they were not believable or were lying or were working for another company. Maybe some of them are, but I know from my own personal experience that I had a negative reaction. If you have sensitive skin, Rosacea, or react to face creams with a scent then proceed with caution. Don't jump into the auto reorder. Take advantage of they trial before you buy it.