Hypophosphatasia | Resources for Medical & Healthcare Providers - Hypophosphatasia ruins bones and bodies with skeletal and other systemic morbidities. Explore the latest clinical insights and diagnostic techniques for practice. Learn about pathology, symptoms, common misdiagnosis,

  • http://understandinghpp.com/impact-of-hpp Impact of Hypophosphatasia (HPP) overview - Hypophosphatasia is characterized by a loss-of-function mutation in the ALPL gene, resulting in a deficiency of the alkaline phosphatase (ALP) enzyme. Early mortality for infants, life-threatening consequences for adults.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/mechanism-of-disease Mechanism of disease - Patients with hypophosphatasia have low alkaline phosphatase activity levels, which lead to increased PPi, an inhibitor of hydroxyapatite crystal formation
  • http://understandinghpp.com/consequences-at-all-ages Devastating Consequences of HPP at any age - Patients with hypophosphatasia suffer debilitating skeletal and systemic sequelae resulting in life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/systemic Systemic Consequences of HPP - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer debilitating skeletal and other systemic sequelae (respiratory, neurologic, renal, muscular, rheumatologic) resulting in life-limiting or life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/skeletal Skeletal sequelae - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer debilitating skeletal sequelae resulting in life-limiting or life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/respiratory Respiratory sequelae - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer debilitating respiratory sequelae resulting in life-limiting or life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/neurologic Neurologic sequelae - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer neurologic manifestations that result in life-limiting or life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/renal Renal sequelae - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer profound renal sequelae that result in life-limiting or life-threatening outcomes. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/muscular-rheumatologic Muscular/Rheumatologic manifestations - Hypophosphatasia patients suffer progressive muscular and rheumatologic manifestations that can debilitate them and necessitate use of assistive devices. Learn more.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/diagnosing-hpp Diagnosis of hypophosphatasia (HPP) - Is hypophosphatasia in your practice? When to suspect. Avoid misdiagnosis with a common blood test for low serum alkaline phosphatase (ALP) activity.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/importance-of-accurate-diagnosis Critical importance of early and accurate early diagnosis - Early and accurate diagnosis is critical to avoid preventable morbidities and early mortality.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/common-misdiagnoses Common Misdiagnoses - Avoid common misdiagnosis, understand the overlap of HPP with other common skeletal disorders, nutritional rickets, osteomalacia, osteogenesis imperfecta, osteoarthritis, chondrodysplasia, hypophosphatemia
  • http://understandinghpp.com/diagnostic-pathway Diagnostic Pathway - Hypophosphatasia diagnosis requires a combination of clinical and laboratory tests that should initiate suspicion. Learn more about the diagnostic pathway.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/age-adjusted-alp Age-adjusted ALP - Low alkaline phosphatase (ALP) is the underlying cause of hypophosphatasia (HPP). A widely available blood test can detect low ALP.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/management Management - With hypophosphatasia, effective disease management requires unique clinical, surgical, and counseling approaches
  • http://understandinghpp.com/management-strategies Management strategies - Currently, no medical therapy is available for hypophosphatasia. Disease management focuses on supportive therapy to minimize sequelae.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/surgical-repair Surgical repair - Surgical involvement may be necessary for hypophosphatasia patients. However, official orthopedic guidelines do not exist.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/resources Resources - Access online clinical and patient resources to assist you and your staff in the management of hypophosphatasia.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/clinical-videos Clinical Videos - View mechanism of disease and other in-depth clinical videos to gain a comprehensive knowledge of HPP
  • http://understandinghpp.com/case-studies-clinical-papers Case studies and Clinical papers (downloadable) - Access and download a collection of hypophosphatasia case studies and clinical papers
  • http://understandinghpp.com/request-medical-information Request Medical Information - Contact Alexion if you are looking for additional hypophosphatasia resources, support, or have a clinical inquiry.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/patient-caregiver-materials Patient/caregiver materials - Hypophosphatasia resources, online organizations, and other helpful information designed for patients and families.
  • http://understandinghpp.com/stay-updated Stay-updated - Stay connected to the most up-to-date, latest clinical data on HPP, information about conferences and events. Tell us about the treatment history of patients with HPP in your practice.

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