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  • Lori Edwards - would just lay there dull eyed like she was in a lot of pain

    BE CAREFUL! I put this on my dog on a sunday and by the following saturday she had become lethargic, stiff, wouldn't eat or drink, would just lay there dull eyed like she was in a lot of pain. It was to the point we discussed putting her down. Now she is an old dog (15) and has arthritis issues and general old age stuff going on. But when we got to thinking she had become worse after placing the collar on her. And when we checked her neck under the collar was HOT, and the collar was 3 finger loose. We took it off and bathed her neck and within half an hour she was drinking water, becoming more alert with spark in her eyes again. today she is trying to play with the other dogs and gratefully almost back to her old self. So please be careful!!

  • Funktasic - Great product. Helping in unexpected ways.

    Bought this product for multiple reasons. Being used by whole family. both furry and non. In humans certain types of Lyme related pain has finally subsided (after standard medical intervention has repeatedly failed), completely unexpected. Has helped to regulate bowel movements and reduce symptoms associated with IBS, colitis, and crohn's, again unexpected. "going" like a healthy teenager again for the first time in 15 years (inclusive of healthy proper diet as recommended by family doctor).

  • agnese kohn - I wanna a Liam!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Tempted is the title,Oh,i did got Tempted with a bad boy nest door and wish my next door boy was like him in this tale but lets be real my ain't nothing like Liam so i enjoyed/loved read this book until the last page where i sights after the last word wanted more...I did mention the character name on my first sentence and now i present you Elizabeth where both will have a hate/love journey....i want to say before i go and express more of my feeling for Tempted that both author team up very good on releasing A bad Boy Next Door Romance,they mixed up a way good storyline with plot,action,desire,secrets,truth to be said,steamy scene,the dedication to fight for,and i can go on and on but i already say much so its you reader who now need to read it dive into it like i did until i took a good breathing (sights) at the end due to the outcome...because now i can't wait to read more of both authors and see what they come up with next installment...So i did not spoil it much for you reader like this you will have to discover yourself the how,the what,the who and the end of that by getting this book cause i do suggest to do it now and be captivated as i was.....Good reading readers and Well done to both of you authors....

  • AnselsMom - Very good kickboxing workout for beginners

    I really like this workout. I have zero kickboxing experience and am in mediocre shape, and I have found this video to be challenging, but not at all impossible. The setting looks professional and the instructor is easy to understand and explains the moves well. I plan to keep using it a couple of times a week and then move on to the advanced video.

  • M.S. - This works!

    I would recommend this to anyone that still has hair but is balding and can't stand those tell tale shiny spots that say you have thinning hair.