PL VAT Consultancy - VAT Help and Advice - I am a VAT advisor with over 25 years experience. I can assist all types of business and not for profit organisations with improving their VAT position

  • Charity VAT Advice - Improving the VAT Position of Charities - I have specialised in Charity VAT issues for many years having dealt with them in HMCE headquarters and since then for over 15 years in practice.
  • Hospice VAT - I many years experience of advising on Hospice VAT issues. I have recently been involved in centrally negotiating the new VAT rules for hospices.
  • Education VAT advice - I can advise on all aspects of education VAT be it academy schools VAT, independent schools, special needs schools or independent schools.
  • Actors and Entertainment Industry VAT - A summary of the VAT advice  I can provide those working in the entertainment industry.
  • LIFE Services - The scope of the VAT welfare exemption - PL VAT Consultancy - This case concerns whether the UK is correct in restricting the VAT welfare exemption to Charities and state regulated bodies.
  • Are HMRC too strict with the membership VAT exemption for charities ? - PL VAT Consultancy - Charities that are membership bodies may be entitled to a VAT exemption for their subscriptions. A recent case concerns the Halle Society.
  • EU Commission Publish VAT Proposals - PL VAT Consultancy - The European Commission have published their plans for VAT. They involve an extension of MOSS with a small business threshold.

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  • Amazon Customer - Amazing!!! Can't wait to get cooking!

    I have been waiting for this to arrive at my doorstep! Pretty much stalked the mailman!!! Looking through this tonight, I am as excited as a kid at Christmas time flipping through a toy catalogue! Can't wait to make the grilled cheese w/ havarti, Brussels sprouts & apple and the slow cooker chicken tikka masala. The salad pizza looks delish! Pretty excited for the whole book! Don't miss out!!!

  • S.M. - NVMe m.2 SSD unrecognizable, no support after 30 days of purchase

    As of 2016-01-22, latest build 6027 of Acronis 2016 does not support Samsung 950 Pro m.2 or Samsung SM951 SSDs that are used in Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Dell XPS 15 (9550) laptops, Dell Precision Tower 3420 to name a few I have firsthand experience with.

  • Richard Osborn - Incredible!

    Hard to believe, but true! I absolutely believe every word! I have always distrusted the Clintons. I wish they would just take a number and have a seat. Go away! This book is well written and I read it in two short days. I believe it to be 100% true written by a reliable author who backs up all he has written. I wish Donald Trump would tell the U.S. voters to read it. Yes, Hillary is a foul-mouthed, angry, self-centered and selfish woman who would walk over her grandmother to get to the White House.

  • Brent M. - Best practical joke ever!

    I saw a link to these reviews appear in my Facebook news feed. I haven't laughed so hard in my laugh. Once id finally gotten ahold of myself, an idea occurred to me. An Idea so evil, that I cracked an evil smile the size of the grinch and uttered an evil laugh to rival the laugh at the end of Metallica's "Master of Puppets". You see, the last day before Christmas break at my High school was coming up, and being done with finals every class was pretty much having a party, bring food snacks type of thing. Anyway... I ordered these. Brought them to school, and divied up about half the bag for the first class of the day. People seemed to really enjoy them, they ate nearly all of them. Second period rolls along. I have second period with about half the kids in my first period class (small High school). About ten minutes in, I'm starting to hear some stomach noises. A few minutes after that it was a cacophony of stomach gurgling. Finally one of my best friends, sweat on his forehead, runs out of the room as fast as he could, but not before releasing the loudest fart I've ever heard. More soon followed. Within five minutes every single person who had those gummy bears was running out the door as fast as they could. I followed, because I wanted to see what this stuff actually did. Oh boy. Bad idea. I got to the boys bathroom and I just hear BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRT coming from inside. I walk in. all the stalls are occupied. One guy is on the floor in the corner, crapping his guts out on the floor. Then it hit me. The smell. Oh my god. I ran for it. I passed the girls bathroom on the way back and sure enough... BRRRRRRRRRRRRT along with some screaming. I head back to class. Teacher is utterly confused and said "where has everyone gone?" I said go to the bathroom and find out. I ended up giving the rest of these out in my math class that day to the same affect, but math is double time so the side affects happened during class... I had to run off so I could die laughing someplace in peace. This stuff is great. 15/10. They taste good (so I've been told) and you only need to eat a small handful...

  • SassySteph - The best backpack

    This back pack is the best one I have ever had. It was so worth the price and the durability of this pack is amazing. There are so many different compartments and places to store. The roominess of the bag is also second to none.

  • VONI - The Bosley Shampoo

    This shampoo stopped my thinning hair from shedding and while it is now thicker it is also easier to comb and to manage the styling.