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  • Keith Dworak - Early Access reviewer, experienced gamer, very pleased with Dice's new Battlefield!

    I started playing this 2 days ago and have around 8 hours in on the PC. I joined Origin's access program in order to play the trial to decide if I wanted to shell out the money for this as it has been a LONG time since I paid full price for a video game.

  • Diane Brooks - I like this and it is working for me

    I like this and it is working for me. Only criticism is there is too much talking ! The exercises are difficult (some of them) but even if I can't do them well, they still work! So far, I'm impressed! Haven't had sciatic pain since I've been doing the exercise. I would recommend this to others. Diane B.

  • yogideb - Terrific book! Never read this author before but could ...

    Terrific book! Never read this author before but could not put this book down. I have now started the Joe Dillard series and am enjoying that just as much as this novel. Pratt is as good as Grisham, and writes a great tale, suspenseful, yet with a touch of humor. I look forward to reading all his novels.

  • Jalal Aram - Second to none

    This book is an essential material for step 1, second to none hands down. I was literally blown away while taking the USMLE step 1 test at how many questions I can recall that I saw in the First Aid.

  • Amazon Customer - Very handy!

    So far, so good - coupled with the Echo, I love this product. I had been using an RF switch, which was useful, but meant dealing with an odd-size battery in the switch, which was frustrating. Now, either I can ask Alexa to do it for me, or I can control it from my phone. And I look forward to being able to use it when I'm away, to simulate being home.