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  • Brenda - I bought this and when I put it on my hands it melted like oil so I used it one day when my ...

    I didn't get used to the "old" version long enough when I purchased my second batch it was the "new" version. I bought this and when I put it on my hands it melted like oil so I used it one day when my hair was full of frizz and it calmed it right down. I think I will use this on a daily basis with just a little to calm my frizz. I still used a leave in and curl definer which if you follow the "curly girl" routine it's leave in first, then curl definer and lastly oil. It worked for me. I did the "plop" method of using a tshirt to dry and leaving it on for ten minutes before taking off and got really good results in a very humid climate.

  • Thomas D.Rath - Outstanding overview of a tumultuous campaign

    not just well reported but also extraordinarily well written- smart, even handed, insightful and highly readable- a combined history and civics tutorial of the first order

  • Kiley M. Triplett - Great book

    I think this book was written about my husband. Lol. Seriously, I couldn't have picked a better book for our toddler, because it fits my husband so perfectly. He loves to listen to me read it to him, and throws several little gibberish comments of his own in as we're going along. It is a super cute book that any child who thinks his or her father is a superhero (and who doesn't?) will love to read or have read to them over and over.

  • David Daniello - Amazing. Sounds mint on my 14 focus st

    Amazing. Sounds mint on my 14 focus st. Took me about 30 mins. Hardest part was taking stock off turbo and trying to tighten this back onto turbo with the limited space but thats no prob if u have patience

  • Ebenezer S. - Don't be a sucker.

    What a rip off. This guy is trying to ride the great Donald Trump's coattails to sell a crappy book he obviously threw together in a weekend. This is a whole lot of nothing.