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  • Hanzel - scam

    i bought this item at a mall from a very pushy israeli woman. the only reason i bought was she promised i can return it for refund if i didn't like it. she gave me a phone i can supposedly call her. turned out the phone was disconnected. when i went back to return my item, the sales person told me they don't issue refund. i called the phone number on the receipt and a lady answered with a "hello?" sounded like she was answering a home phone. she told me the same thing. this company is very misleading and practices unethical business. the peeling is annoying. some of the residues are hard to remove from my face. beware!!!! this company is a SCAM!

  • Adam - I love this scent

    I love this scent, my lady loves this scent. It doesn't last as long as the expensive colognes I have but it sure gets the compliments. Many great scents out there to choose but my lady loves me in this one.

  • MissBanjo - I was happy to make this purchase since Norton upped their package ...

    I was happy to make this purchase since Norton upped their package to 5 devices along with the price. That being said, McAfee, come on now. If I have certain components of your software disabled, I shouldn't be seeing them running in my task manager. So yes, only 2 stars for not truly being able to turn things off. In addition to that, on one of my PCs I did a custom installation. Guess what? I keep getting notifications that those components aren't installed and my computer needs to be better protected, bladda bladda bla. I didn't pay for this. I'd have gotten a free one if I wanted frickin ads/reminders like that.

  • Michigan Engineer - Very Poor for XBox One

    For Xbox One, this game kinda stinks. It doesn't really use the Kinect technology in any meaningful way...you just see a very, very, tiny little silhouette of yourself at the top or bottom of the screen. You might as well just have a much-cheaper DVD showing a dancer on your screen, as this program doesn't really provide anything more than that. Unless you like the hokey "rating" it gives you, which is far from a reasonable assessment of your actual dancing. I'm not a dancer (got it for my wife), and I can get "good" and "nice job" just flailing my arms :)

  • Kendyl Aussenhofer - Great Phone!

    I got this phone and it works really well. The display is amazing. The phone quickly downloads apps and it was easy to put my music on it. It was a pleasant surprise when I opened the box and saw that it came with a case and screen protector. Great price for what you get.